Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Home is where the hard drive is.

Typing this from my cell phone which is no easy task sometimes. I've been in Mississippi for the past week handling business so I haven't been able to update anything. I made the mistake of not bringing any real warm clothes with me because I figured it'd be nice and warm in the south even in December. So needless to say I've been freezing my ass off since I got here, haha. Can't wait until I can get home and load up the Battlefield or at the very least get back to my comfy computer chair! My friend who is down here with me is in the same boat. He's typically my gunner in BF3 (not the gunner from the video I posted a week ago). I don't have any footage captured of our gameplay yet bit that'll change soon after I get back and settled. I just wanted to get the last video up to help myself out honestly. Looking for what mistakes I made and hopefully to get some feedback from others. The video itself has gotten a few views and a couple likes which is good, but I would like some comments on it because I'm sure other people will notice stuff I was completely oblivious too haha. Would love to hear from you guys. Feel free to ask me questions about BF3/other games or even something you'd like to know about me.

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