Monday, December 5, 2011

Video is up

Watch it in HD.

On this server all the vehicles instant spawn, that's why you probably noticed me fighting off choppers so often.  It's a little annoying having to deal with another helicopter so much but it's nice not having to wait forever for one to spawn.  Since you exploded last time.  Because you just couldn't help yourself and just had to fly under that sign as the tank was coming around the corner!
My main goal in this video was to provide the gunner with as many targets as possible.  It's great when your gunner is on his game especially in an instant vehicles spawn server, because the level of resistance is stepped up that much more.
The music wasn't exactly intentional, haha.  It was what I was listening to and didn't want to turn it off when I started recording.  I was a bit drunk at the time!

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